Youth Village

Youth Village will be a home base for kids, infants through age 12, and will include a morning circle for youth, craft projects and lots of fun and engaging activities.

Each morning, experienced instructors will take youth ages 7-12 on woods adventures for the Nature Immersion Program. They will play games, explore nature, and participate in skill immersions. Each afternoon, there will be a variety of classes geared specifically for youth including art projects, child led choices, nature games, activities, archery, and more!

The themes of the classes and activities for the Youth Village this year will center around Wilderness Skills, Crafts, Painting, Games, Arts, Music and Movement, and Storytelling. Come out and play with us!

Please remember that all minors must have a legal guardian with them at the event unless other arrangements are made with the core organizing team well in advance. Children, who wish to participate in Youth Village, should be signed into Youth Village at the beginning of each adult class time. Children may only attend adult classes with a guardian or guardian-appointed adult or if previously discussed with the instructor. Please help your children be aware of potential hazards on the site. Parents  are responsible for their children when they are not involved in youth village programming. 

Teens are welcome to take classes with adults and to be a part of the larger community. If a teenager would like to volunteer to help in Youth Village they need to check in with the Youth Village Coordinator.