Camping is Primitive

There are no hookups of any kind. 

  • Please be mindful when camping under the trees, as they may shed branches; we have found that even those branches/ trees that do not appear to be dead can come down unexpectedly. 
  • Camp only in designated mowed and cleared areas,
    • No bushwhacking for camp sites. 
    • Choose areas that are high and dry, as the land has many tempting grassy areas that collect water after a rain. 
  • Camping areas will be designated for family and vehicle camping.
  • Cook fires are only allowed at approved camp sites and have strict requirements, including having a bucket of sand, easy to remove lidded five gallon bucket of water or fire extinguisher present at the fire. 
  • A drop-off zone will be provided for the tent camping areas, so please plan to haul your gear on foot or bring your own wagon.
  • Unless you are in the car camping area, you will not be able to drive your gear to your camp site. RV/bus spaces are only available with special arrangements made well before the event and are limited.
  • Vehicle camping areas do not have hookups and generators are not allowed, so please be prepared to dry-camp.