The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a five day event focused on the teaching of ancestral skills in a collaborative environment where curiosity, conversation, and connecting across culture and place are privileged. We aim to create a welcome space for the vibrant, diverse individuals that call this gathering home for these few winter days, a space where learning to make a basket, tan a hide, carve a spoon, or make fire by friction can open us up to the wild-dreaming-questioning spirit, in ourselves and each other, that motivates us toward positive social and ecological change. We are an inter-generational gathering of people from varied backgrounds and ethnicities coming together to learn and create, connect and celebrate- with care for each other and the land.

Where We Gather

We are fortunate to be returning to the lovely Wells-Humphries Farm at 26208 228th St in O’Brien, FL. Within five miles of Little River Springs on the Suwannee River. This gathering place is part open pasture part forest, and is on land that was once home to indigenous peoples of the Timucua and Creek. For several decades the Wells-Humphries family has been stewarding the land with the intention of re establishing the native ecosystem of diverse flora and fauna. While on the land we aim to honor those who came before us, care for and nurture the land with a light touch, and acknowledge that we are but travelers passing through this storied place of resident barred owl and blue jay, palmetto and dogwood, gopher tortoise and bull frog.