Work Trade

We rely on folks eager to be involved deeply with a commitment and energy focused on seeing tasks through with flexibility, care, and safety.

Full Work trade positions :

During the event 
  •  20 hrs total, 4 hrs per day
  • Typically your daily work trade shift occurs during one of the class times allowing for your enjoyment of a class a day as well as evening activities and celebrations.
  • Breakfast and dinner provided

Setup and Breakdown
  • During setup and breakdown you will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the event you will receive breakfast and dinner.
  • Setup and Breakdown work traders have no commitments during the event, YEEHAW!!!!
  • After the gathering, we gather (hehe) and store the materials of the event, and return the land back to its previous state, leaving only footprints.
  • The familiarity we build with the site and materials during setup helps facilitate the ease and organization we strive for during breakdown.    

Y’all! If you’re interested in worktrading with us click HERE for more information and the application.