Florida Earthskills Instructor Ticketing Information

We’re so glad you will be joining us as an instructor at the gathering! Below is a reminder of the nuts and bolts of how the trade works.

  • Teach one or two classes and pay the rest of the admission (all prices are before sales tax). Some folks may be asked to teach 3 classes for a full trade into the gathering. These agreements are made with the instructor coordinator ahead of registering your classes in the database. 

For Example: 

  • One Class (regardless of length) = $80 off whichever Full Event Ticket you purchase. Please register your classes in the database before you pay for your ticket. You can buy at the ‘early bird’ or ‘online’ ticket price while those are open, but once they are closed, they are closed. If you’re classes aren’t registered and approved in the database, but you’ve bought a ticket with the instructor discount– yeah, please, don’t do that.
  • If we end up asking you to teach another class later on we will refund you the $80+taxes for that extra class.

Online Tickets

Teaching One Class
Teaching Two Classes