Covid-19 Awareness

Please be aware that our Covid prevention protocols may change. This is an evolving situation that we intend to take seriously in an effort to have the gathering and have it be as safe as possible. We will do our best to have stable protocols in place before tickets go on sale, but cannot guarantee this. Please be patient and kind, with us and each other, as we dance with this quick footed foe.

At the gathering we’ll be asking people who are not vaccinated to wear a mask when in close contact with others. We will not be asking for vaccination cards to be shown, but we expect participants to be responsible, honorable, and honest in their Covid prevention practices.

  • It is always important to check in with folks about their comfort levels with touch and space. It is even more important now to be open to and initiate these conversations and check ins. Please be kind, but direct with each other when doing this.
  • We may request participants wear masks in all or certain areas of the gathering should the need arise.
  • We may check temperatures at the gate
  • We may ask people at the gathering who are unwilling to cooperate with our Covid guidelines, as stated on this website prior to the gathering, to leave.
  • Instructors may ask class participants to wear a mask. We expect participants to respect instructors’ request. The gathering will be supporting instructors in communicating and enforcing those requests.
  • At the class sign up sheet, you may see in the description that masks are required. Please make sure to check for this before signing up, so that you can decide if the class is a good fit for you.
  • We are still working on a new way to serve breakfast and dinner, both as a way to cut down on the waiting-in-line time and to reduce possible Covid spread. Please check back in through out the fall as we update this page with more details.
  • We are still mulling over how to approach morning circle and evening activities in a safe, inclusive way. Perhaps there will be a masked ball!

If you have practical, constructive ideas about how to keep our community as safe as we can during the gathering or would like to thoughtfully communicate your concerns, feel free to email We will be reading these emails and considering them when making decisions, but may not always respond. We do appreciate your thoughts on this tricky situation.