Registration Information

 Registration will be available on-site beginning at 2pm Tuesday, Feb. 5.  Only Cash or Checks are accepted at the gate.

Our Work Trade and Instructor positions are filled for 2019

Florida Earthskills strives to offer a variety of registration, work-trade, and financial assistance** options to make the gathering affordable for everyone. Some of these options are time sensitive to allow our staff to process requests well before the start of the gathering.  The use of a sliding scale makes it possible for folks of various means to attend the event. 

  • The prices listed are on a sliding scale. Please use this opportunity to pay what you are able to afford rather than what is the best value. Doing so ensures the continuation of the gathering. Thank you!
  • Please visit our Needed Items/Trade page for info on how to make a trade/barter of needed items/food for admission to the event.
  • Four-Hour Visitor Passes will be available at the gate (see "at gate" price chart below) and are valid between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Prices listed will have sales tax added at time of purchase.
  • Event Policy: Dogs/pets, alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, and firearms are prohibited at the event. Only Service Animals are permitted by law.
2019 At the Gate Prices are available starting at 2pm on Feb. 5th

Four Hour Visitor (between 9am and 5pm)

(4 Hour Pass)

At Gate

Single Day

At Gate
two workshops
activities & camping*


Two Days

At Gate

Three Days

At Gate

Four Days

At Gate

Full Event

At Gate

Adult $30 - $60 $75 - $130 $150 - $270 $180 - $360 $250 - $400 $275 - $500
Youth (age 13-17) $15 - $30 $35 - $70 $45 - $90 $75 - $130 $75 - $150 $115 - $230
Child (age 7-12) $10 - $20 $30 - $60 $35 - $70 $45 - $80 $50 - $100 $65 - $125
Child under 7 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
  • *A Full Day Pass includes two workshop blocks, and morning and evening activities, as well as camping for one night.  If an aditional night of camping is needed, please pay $15 per group at the gate. 
  • Limited RV Camping (no hook ups) is available, in designated areas only. Contact to make reservations before January 20th.
  • 3rd and 4th youth or child of paying parent or guardian are half price. (please email us to have this discount applied online)
  • 5th or more youth or child of paying parent or guardian = no charge. (please email us to have this discount applied online)
  • Children under 7 free.
  • O'Brien residents: There will be a four hour visitor pass for $5, one event day only, one per person this year, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, for those who bring a valid photo ID with an O'Brien, Fl. zip code.
  • **If purchasing a pass is cost prohibitive and/or work-trading is not a viable option for you (perhaps you have a large family, an infant to care for, are pregnant or have a medical condition or disability that does not allow much physical activity), please email us at before January 23rd to review financial assistance options. (Please do not disclose specifics of medical conditions or disabilities)

All registration will be on site starting Tuesday, February 5th at 2pm until 8pm. Then registration will be open Wednesday-Sunday, February 6th-10th from 8am until 8pm daily.

You may only pay with cash, check or money order at the gate (no credit or debit cards).

Sign-up for classes happens on site at the Info Board after classes are posted at 6pm the night before. One can often sign up in the morning the day of the class, but classes with only a few participant spaces may fill up the night before.

Work Trade

All 2019 Work Trade positions are filled.

Work-trading is a great way to contribute to this popular event and to get to know lots of folks while learning/ honing skills related to event facilitation. One of the most appreciated attributes of work traders is flexibility and a willingness to jump in as needed while not being too attached to a particular role or schedule. It is a very big task to coordinate this event and every bit of genuine support and good will is needed to pull it off !!


Instructor Registration

Before January 5th, Prospective New Instructors may answer the following questions and requests in an e-mail to

Returning instructors may provide updated information to the following questions.

Instructor Applicant Name (Given and preferred name, with preferred gender pronoun):

Contact Info (Email and Phone):

May we add your e-mail address to our mailing list?

2019 Class Proposal(s):

When do you plan to arrive at and depart from the event?

One paragraph Bio for our website:

Have you taught at an Earthskills Gathering before? If so, which ones?

Please share your teaching experience/credentials and, if this is your first time teaching at FLESG, provide 3 references (and their best contact info) for your work. 

Please provide photos of your work, if applicable.

Upon acceptance, please send a headshot photo for our website, ideally 200 pixels long by 300 pixels tall.

Refund Policy

Any cancellations received by January 23th, 2019 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be provided after this time. Purchased tickets are transferable to another person, but only valid for this event, this year.

Event Details

Please review our Event Details page thoroughly and if you still have questions, email

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