Ahoy hoy, Community! Please enjoy a few videos from one of many of our dedicated instructors.

Jeff Gottlieb teaches knife sharpening:



Greetings Earthskills family!

Y’all!. Hello. Hi.

We hope y’all have all been safe and well since the gathering. These are wild times. We’ve been angsting and discussing and hoping and waiting trying to decide about having the gathering in 2021.
We’ve decided not to host it:

There are a few big reasons for not hosting the gathering this year. We’re concerned that if we have to cancel the gathering last minute, as a few gatherings had to this year, it would put the gathering in the red financially. Even low turn out would put a hurting on the gathering’s finances. In normal times that risk is low, but these ain’t normal times. Right now, we’ve got the money to start the non-profit, for infrastructure improvements, and a scholarship pool for folks that need it.

More importantly though, we feel that hosting the gathering in pandemic times would put too many at risk in the community of O’brien and also in the Earthskills community. Honestly, we’re also concerned about our own personal responsibility (legally and ethically) if we were to host a gathering that resulted in people getting sick from a virus we knew was quite contagious and potentially life threatening. The landowners are also not excited about this prospect, and though we could push it and convince them that doesn’t seem right either.

We do have some ideas about ways to facilitate connection within the community, though, and also some ideas about working with the core staff together to discuss the future vision and structure of the gathering. I’m guessing we all agree the gathering would benefit from having a more inclusive, horizontal organizational structure. Even though not having the gathering is kind of heartbreaking we’re hoping that this will be an opportunity to focus on creating that more inclusive, diverse, and visionary leadership community who can hold the vision for what Florida Earthskills wants to be.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, we will do our best to keep the community informed and involved in the coming year and extend our best wishes.



We invite you to join us in creating conscious community and in celebrating our living, breathing planet by learning and sharing truly sustainable living skills.

With over 50 instructors sharing skills for adults, teens and kids, plus morning and evening activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a unique blend of enthusiasts who bring abundant skills and a great spirit of co-creation to this homespun gathering. By gathering here, we acknowledge that the time is ripe for modern, “civilized” humans to become more ecologically aware, to reclaim the true meaning of sustainability, and to help grow a culture of thriving which can only be achieved by living in symbiosis with each other and with our beloved Earth.

Through experiential learning, objects and skills will be crafted to provide food, shelter, clean water, and deep healing of the earth and ourselves.

We play our own music, create our own games, weave our own dance, make our own reality, and live our lives with feet firmly planted on the ground. We grow food, we regard water and air as precious resources, and we honor and respect all beings sharing this existance on Earth. We seek to become a healing part of all that is good and beautiful about life on Earth, and to share this ecological awareness with others for generations to come.

The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a time to learn, share, and experience community and truly sustainable living skills.

See you at Florida Earthskills!


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We are in the planning stages for the 2022 gathering, so please keep in mind as you explore the site that there will be updates to the website as the event approaches.

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